Summary: State Of Slavery By W. Craft

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W. Craft offers a detailed explanation of his personal experiences while under slavery laws in the State of Georgia. His stories are personable and they also reflect the suffering his family bore throughout the years as slaves. Unlike a philosopher or a historian, Craft experienced first hand the aftermath of the slavery system in the United States. Through his own viewpoint, he described the various aspects of slavery and how he dealt with its issues throughout the years he lived under such regime.
I had a moment of reflection when I read his explanation on how race and color had perhaps nothing to do with slavery. Throughout the reading, Mr. Craft tells stories of white people who were sold into slavery merely because they were perceived as objects without owners. The story of the two girls who came to the United States with their father is a prefect
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People escape tyranny from their own governments to come to the United States to be used as cheap labor while under severe discrimination. Or global corporations making billions of dollars in profits, yet they neither pay taxes nor a decent salary to its hourly employees.
To this day in history, the system still belongs to the ones at the top. Those who are perceived as weak or vulnerable could end up collaborating to the greatest cause without being fairly compensated. The arguable change is the access to equal opportunity across the board.
According to his writing, one must conclude that humans, regardless of race or color, were meant to be free. Slavery only took place because of the distorted character of those who took advantage of the weak, vulnerable, and unprotected. Is this idea a minor detail in the large picture of slavery?
Craft talks about the character of those who choose to won salves as being flawed. Is it possible for a man to be righteous in character and still have
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