Summary: The Absolute True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

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When books are banned, it illustrates a refusal of the censors to look at the world with open eyes; they close their eyes like they closed the banned book. Banning books divulges more about the censor than the book or the author brought into the limelight. Those who advocate banning books do so far variety of reason, usually inappropriate language and/or social situations, based on the perceived maturity of the reader. The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian covers three of the heated issues of this era which are racism, bullying, and alcoholism. Through the medium of this book, Sherman Alexie was trying to acknowledge the society from a young age and set their minds not to follow any of these and books make is easier to achieved this.…show more content…
Adolescent alcohol abuse is commonly linked or is identified as the causal factor in mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, or behavioral disorders in teens. If drinking interferes with school work or begins to negatively affect family relationships, that pattern of usage is almost certainly a matter for immediate concern. As we see now a day’s people who consume alcohol have different effects, excessive intake of alcohol is more likely to be linked to physical problems, such as liver disease, stomach problems, lungs and sometimes lead to failure of death. Most states bar the purchase of alcoholic beverage until age twenty-one, well beyond adolescence for most people. However, studies have shown that the average age at which adolescents have their first drink is just eleven for boys, thirteen for girls. The average age at which Americans begin drinking regularly is just under sixteen. If people cannot legally buy alcohol until age 21, this statistic is evidence that there is a widespread pattern of violating laws that ban alcohol sales to minors. As per the new study that suggested that adolescent drinking might impact decision-making abilities later in life, due to the its effects on the brain. And that’s the reason if such kind of literature or books are published to help the readers and creating awareness not to get addicted to
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