Summary: The American Domestic Slave Trade

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Western Civilization was formed by the help of many different things and one of them is the American Domestic Slave Trade of the 1800’s. Most people have been taught that the American Domestic Slave Trade started in the early 1800’s but it was actually proven to have started in the 1760’s during the African Slave Trade. The American Domestic Trades climax point was during the periods between 1787-1807. During the 1860’s the Domestic Trade continued and forced 1.2 men, women, and children (born in America) to the shores. One of the most important resources used for agriculture during the Domestic Trades was cotton. Cotton was a very large business which required many workers and a lot of labor, the workers were required to plant and keep the…show more content…
Which is about 5% of those transported during the 350-year history of the international slave trade. It’s almost unbelievable the Brazil and the Caribbean each received about nine times as many Africans than America. The labor of enslaved Africans developed in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland and later also consisted through of New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Though goal was for Africans to primarily be working on plantations and farms for work in cash crop agriculture, they were also rarely used in mining and servicing the community. They were placed in towns and port cities as domestic servants; and many urban residents performed tasks such as porters, teamsters, and craftsmen. In the eighteenth-century America, Africans were moved into agricultural regions of South Carolina and Georgia, especially in the Sea Islands, where they grew rice, cotton, indigo, and other crops. In Louisiana, they labored on sugarcane plantations. They were employed on tobacco farms in Virginia and…show more content…
Most of them where negative but there were in deed some short term positives in some African States. One of the negatives was that it forces more war onto West Africa. This was due to the European and American slave traders did not go and simply grab their own slaves, instead they bought and received slaves from the costal kingdoms. The Costal Kingdoms received their slaves to sell during the war and to traders raiding the inland tribes. For the Coastal Kingdoms to receive more slaves they were encouraged to wage more wars and conduct more raids against their neighbors. Mostly the exchange for slaves were guns which were often used during the war. This helped the kingdoms to be more capable of waging
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