Summary: The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture

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The Beatles are known worldwide for their influence on rock and roll music; along with the immense impact they had on us culturally. If the Beatles had not been from Europe, I do not think they would have affected the world like they did. Americans thought that their native cultural products to be unsophisticated at best and downright embarrassing at worst. (Stuessy,1990). Americans seemed to think very highly of European music even considered it the "real culture" of music.
After the Beatles released the albums of Rubber Soul and Revolver was when they began their musical transition and started exploring different areas of music. “On these albums the group moved away from simplicity, experimenting with electronic effects and added instruments in the studio, moving in all kinds of stylistic directions” (GAMMOND 46). On the Beatles first album was a song called “There’s a place” and it was one of there simpler songs compared to “Yellow submarine” on their later album “Revolver”. The whole musical structure between these songs is completely different. In “There’s a place” the key seems to stay in E major with a quadruple meter. The form is a bit odd too, it is shorter with only one bridge. The lyrics of the three verses construct a pattern of ABA. “In many respects, this is a "typical" Beatles arrangement of the period with several of the familiar ingredients: harmonica hook, pungent two-part vocal harmonies, drum fills, and melodic bass part.” (Pollacks,1993) Yellow submarine
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Their musical choice in all of their songs have influenced not only the assorted group of bands, but our culture as a whole. Without the inspiration of the Beatles unusual style rock and roll music would be entirely different, our society would be different. To think in one of the most consequential and disquiet decades, among the myriad of other music groups, four guys from Liverpool played, sang and changed the
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