Summary: The Beginning Of Mae Jemison

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The Beginning of Mae Jemison Mae Jemison was born Oct. 17, 1956 in Decatur, Alabama. She became famous for being the first African-American woman to join the space program in 1987. Her dad was a carpenter, and her mother was a teacher. Jemison was the youngest child. She moved to Chicago,Illinois when she was three with her brother Charles and sister Ada. Mae Jemison 's Education When Jemison was younger she spent her time in the library. She studied science, and was most interested in astronomy:The study of the stars. She later decided to be a biomedical engineer. She got an academic scholarship which helped pave the way for her to go to StanFord in California. Jemison was sixteen when she entered StanFord as a freshman. She took up theater

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