Summary: The Benefits Of Denying Immigrants

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Just two years ago, the New York Civil Liberties Union discovered cases of New York school districts “unlawfully barring the enrollment of immigrant students” (NYCLU survey, 2014). Living in the United States of America, a democracy founded on the principles of equality and justice for all, who are we to deny educational opportunities and services to new immigrants? We too were once immigrants to this county who needed the help of schools to succeed. The actions taken by individuals to deny immigrants an education are not only illegal, but truly disheartening (Plyer v Doe, 1982). Receiving an education holds tremendous power as it prepares individuals to become productive, informed, and contributing members of society. Denying immigrants the opportunity to receive an education only hurts our country as a whole, as it deeply affects our economic productivity and more importantly, our country’s morality and sense of social tolerance towards all people. Jack Nelson, a Professor at Rutgers University Graduate School of Education makes the important point, “Immigrants have always needed the schools, and the nation has always needed the…show more content…
Whether or not immigrants enter the United States legally or not is another issue, but generally speaking, the majority of immigrants who are here illegally are not criminals or a danger to society—critics just make them out to be. This is an example of fear mongering, a type of immigrant anti-sentiment that people develop to portray immigrants in a negative light. It is important to remember, just like their American counterparts, “they need access to schools and school services to enhance their lives, but they are often handicapped by their ‘unauthorized’ status” (Nelson,

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