Summary: The Benefits Of Year-Round Schooling

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“Part of education is to help students be prepared for jobs, all year schooling allows students to be more prepared for professional work day hours. In the real world, employees do not get 3 months off.“ —Doctor Hawk Because we agree with the statement by Doctor Janelle Hawk, my partners and I affirm the resolution: Year round schooling benefits students, their families, and the community. We offer the following three reasons to support our side. Overcrowding, frequent breaks, and benefits to low income families. Our first reason is Overcrowding in school districts. Some schools have over crowding problems where there is a growing population in their schools but not enough classrooms. This is happening in Johnston Iowa and they chose to expand. They are building a new high school that has an estimated cost of $81 million dollars. Usually this is the solution people think of when there is overcrowding. However what if there was a solution that could help save the town a ton of money! Well there is, and it is year round schooling. Students would alternate the dates they would be going to school and they wouldn’t have to…show more content…
Last year almost 21 million kids nationwide are on free or reduced lunches. These kids eat their main meals at school and don’t get much while at home. During the summer this can be a disaster. While children in poverty are on long breaks, their families can’t afford to keep feeding them. This results in very non nutritional meals or no meals at all. If there was year round schooling these families would only have to buy their children food for about 2 weeks at a time instead of that long 3 months. Going without nutritional meals for 3 months straight can kill metabolism and do a lot of harm on the body. This could help the family build up savings for those 2 weeks and even if the children didn’t get fed all that much at least it’s only be for 2 weeks instead of 3
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