Summary: The Book Thief

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“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank wrote this in her diary during a horrific and devastating time. During the Holocaust about eleven million people lost their lives to this evil time. Even though people can be very cruel and rude and do selfless actions. I believe that everyone can be a very good person at heart. Some people risked their lives to hide people of the Jewish Faith. In the movie “The Book Thief” a certain scene went on and it showed intense evidence of this meaning, “A Jewish person was able to run and make his way through town, his name was Max and he made it to a friend of his father and a German couple, Hans and his Wife took in Max and took him upstairs to sleep” (The Book Thief). In the book “The Diary of a Young Girl” it states,…show more content…
In a clip from the movie The Book Thief, a certain scene went on with profound evidence, “A German officer came up to a Jewish family’s home, and he started to bang on the door, the Jewish family opened the door and the German officer said, “I can only take one.” The Jewish boy named Max was sent by his mother and he grabbed the passport and ran” (The Book Thief). In the book Diary of Anne Frank it states, “For the first time there were widespread expressions of guilt and shame for what Germans had done to the Jews only a few years before” (Frank). The website United States Holocaust Memorial Museum it shows, “In late 1940 and early 1941, just months before the Germans initiated the mass murder of Jews in the Soviet Union, some 2,100 Polish Jews found temporary safe haven in Lithuania. Few of these refugees could have reached permanent safety without the tireless efforts of many individuals” (USHMM). This explains that some Germans soldiers put their life on the way to go against Hitler to save people’s lives. So that they wouldn’t be executed from
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