Summary: The Boss Of My Brain

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In the Educational Leadership article entitle “The Boss of My Brain”, authors Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers examines the explicit instruction in metacognition. Researchers stated that “explicit instruction in metacognition puts students in charge of their learning.” It was also stated that “meta-cognition supports learning by enabling us to actively think about which cognitive strategies can help achieve learning, how we should apply those strategies, how we can review our progress, and whether we need to adjust our thinking.” I believe this a unique teaching tool for teachers to implement with their students. With the use of metacognition, students whether they are struggling learners or gifted can learn how to use a variety of cognitive strategies to help improve their learning.…show more content…
Keeping a thinking journal. Students need a journal or learning log to reflect upon their thinking. IV. Planning and self- regulation: Students can be taught to make plans for learning activities, organizing materials and becoming self-directed learners. V. Debriefing the thinking process: Closure activities focus student discussion on thinking processes to develop awareness of strategies that can be applied to other learning situations. VI. Self- Evaluation: Guided self- evaluation experiences can be introduced through individual conferences and checklists focusing on thinking processes. Students will learn to transfer strategies to support other situations. As an Early Childhood educator, I support using metacognition as a strategy to promote independent thinking. For example, my objective is for students to understand the concept of sequencing. Students will learn what goes first, next, and last. I will demonstrate by making a peanut butter sandwich. The students will learn by emulating what they saw. This will allow them to participate in hands on activity. Students will enjoy making and eating their assignments. For safety reasons I will ask for parental approval for the
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