Summary of 'The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao'

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Beli Getting Pregnant The Brief Life Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is a novel written by Junot Diaz, a Dominican writer. The novel, that was written in 2007, is about Oscar and his family’s experiences. It also differentiates race and gender in the Dominican Republic. Men are portrayed as masculine individuals that are allowed to have sex with innumerable women. However, in this essay, the main topic is Beli getting pregnant with The Gangster’s baby. The passage, ‘Revelation’ and ‘Truth and Consequences 1’ on page 142 we notice that La Inca wants Beli to not tell anyone about the pregnancy. However, she tells her friend Dorca who spreads the word. Also, if Beli did not obtain The Gangster’s baby, she would not have been beaten up by Trujillo’s…show more content…
Chapter 3, ‘Revelation, ' is a dominant factor of The Brief Life Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. ‘Revelation’ consists of numerous literary devices such as imagery, tone, diction and metaphors. What is imagery? Imagery is visually descriptive. Of the passage that was selected, we can perceive the use of imagery in the quote, “She placed her hand on her flat stomach and heard the wedding bells loud and clear, saw in her mind’s eye the house that had been promised, that she had dreamed.” This quote makes the reader evoke Beli and The Gangster getting married and living together in a massive mansion. This imagery ends up being symbolic to the life she never had. We consider this imagery a Fúku because she does not receive a wedding, big mansion and a baby. However, she ends up getting beat up by The Gangsters wife’s men, which attracts additional Fúku to Beli and her family. What is a tone? Tone is the attitude the author has towards his work. The tone of this passage is foolishness since Beli believes that The Gangster will to marry her and buy her an enormous mansion. This if Fúku because we will never acquire any of the things she wants, instead, she gets beaten almost to death. Also, in this…show more content…
Diction is the use of phrases and words. An example of diction in this passage is “The bochinche spread through their sector of Bani like wildfire”. The author uses the word bochinche, a slang word that means gossip in Spanish, in an interesting way. Diaz transitioned from Spanish to English because he desires that the reader to would relate to the narration. Also, Diaz used slang Spanish to allow the reader to connect to the authentic characteristics of Dominican people, which would associate us understand and relate to the story. This diction displays how Fúku followed the Cabral family into spreading the word of Beli’s pregnancy, which causes The Gangster to gain the knowledge of the baby. Also Diaz uses metaphors in this quote to explain how fast the ‘bochinche’ spread through their town of Bani. Diaz compares the speed of the ‘bochinche’ to wildfire. This metaphor displays the Fúku that has haunted the Cabral family for decades. La Inca had told Beli to remain the pregnancy as confidential as possible, however, Beli tells her friend Dorca, who spreads the secret like ‘wildfire’.
 On all accounts, this passage foreshadows Oscar’s life as he grew up. Oscar struggled to find a girl a that loves and appreciates his
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