Summary: The Causes Of Slavery In The World

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Most people in the world, at some point in their life, has learned something about slavery before. However, just like the Holocaust, there are some facts people are ignorant about. The secrets about slavery most people do not know is, enslavement of Africans occured because there was a massive demand for labor, people were benefitting for it, and also it was justified. In the late 1400s, Atlantic Slave Trade started within three continents; North America, Europe, and Africa. Which resulted in the exchangement of ten million Africans to the Americas. This idea of expanding labour through slavery affected the world.
Even though slavery is a horrible and an evil act, in the 1400s there was a massive demand for labor and most of the labor needed in the New Colonies were very intense and there was not enough settlers and indentured servants, a
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They traded manufactured goods like weapons and rum in return for African prisoners, debtors, and captured rival soldiers. The African kings and merchant thought of this exchange as “win-win situation”. For example, Anthony Hazard says the kings and merchant “had little reason to hesitate” (The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you - Anthony Hazard). However, this simple mistake of giving the European an idea of what the African slaves could of been-making the Europeans one of the most powerful names in history. In addition, Europeans later took control of the Atlantic Slave Trade by trading slaves to North Americas, South America, and the Caribbeans. Europe then colonized and conquered some parts of Africa, and began trading any African to different nations. As for the slaves themselves, they faced unimaginable brutality. They were marched to the slave ports on the coast, shaved and branded onto ships. The times in the ships were very cruel, in fact, there was many diseases which led to
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