Summary: The Culture Of Chick-Fil-A

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The book has four important but basic sections comprising the totality of what the author wants to convey: (1) Essence of a Compelling Culture A compelling culture is defined in the book as a combination of people comprising the whole of the organization including: the guest or customer, the team member, the operator or owner, and the staff member. The Culture of Chick-fil-A as defined by Mr. Cathy – a man of faith was to sell chicken, be faithful stewards, have a positive influence on others, and ultimately to glorify God. (2) Building a Team that creates a Competing Culture Mr. Cathy looked at each person and gave attention in an individualistic way. He aspired to hire the best talent and train and mentor that talent, cultivating and fostering loyalty and commitment. He determined that practicing "a servant…show more content…
This includes service to each other. Serving the customer is the key to repeat business, but service must start in the organization first. Chick-fil-A operates with this principle every day with every person they interact with. It is a way of life – service to others. A big key to growing the culture is referred to as the abundancy mentality – there is plenty of room for everyone to grow and become successful. It is nurtured in Chick-fil-A. Loyalty is built upon when the employee demonstrates excellence in completing work and how the work is accomplished will determine the relationship with the company and ultimately their longevity as well. This company does practice commitment to the employee that contributes to the company and this definitely cultivates the culture. Every employee has a dream. Some may be seemingly unattainable but those dreams are facilitated at Chick-fil-A. Their aim is to help cultivate a culture that will be a part of the employee’s complete life even after Chick-fil-A. (4) Engaging Guests in a Compelling
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