Summary: The Effectiveness Of Torture

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In discussions of torture, one controversial issue has been whether torture is an effective mean to gain information from terrorists. On the one hand, many people would argue that torture is a very effective mean to gain information. On the other hand, there is a large amount of people who contends that torture is not the only means to gain the same information. My own view is that there are better ways to gain information from terrorists other than torturing them. I disagree with torture being an effective mean to gain information because; as recent research has shown it can be ineffective.
Where I disagree with torture is its inhumane and there are other means to gain the same information. It doesn’t make sense to gain the same information
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Torture is mainly seen as morally wrong. The Los Angeles Times wrote about what the readers think about torture. In the article Torture is wrong: Readers agree, even if most Americans might not, discusses the opinions of their readers on how morally wrong torture can be even if it’s to a terrorist. One of the responses on the Los Angeles Times was from Martin Wauson of Westminster saying, “Injuring or killing an informant defeats the purpose of interrogation” (Los Angeles Times). The point of interrogating a terrorist is to gain information on what ever the problem may be. Just injuring or even killing the person will not gain the needed information. Many people can see that and find it inhumane and morally…show more content…
The terrorist may have done terrible things to deserve what they have coming from them, but their innocent family should not have to endure the after effects of what the terrorist has caused. In the article Horror in Mind- The Psychological Effects of Torture talks about how the children of the tortured parent can be born with terrible problems. “Children of tortured parents reveal more psychosomatic symptoms, headaches, depression, learning difficulties and aggressive behavior they manifest more severe ADHD, enuresis, and trauma related psychotic symptoms, developmental arrest or delays” (Horror in Mind). The torture should only be affected to the person who has committed the crime and not to the innocent family that has not done any wrong. They shouldn’t be punished because of one family members stupid
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