Summary: The Effects Of Homelessness

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The Effects of Homelessness Homelessness in America is a never ending issue that societies have to this day. It effects the wellbeing of individuals and causes a sense of unease within communities. Homelessness normally occurs because of the environment a person is in. These environments can range between something harsh like domestic abuse or something less severe as finding affordable housing or a job. Then there is the issue of factoring in children if a homeless man or women has one or several. When children are placed in an unstable environment, it causes many health issues with that child because it has to undergo a large amount of stress. Due to the instability of homelessness, it causes many individuals to face a series of harsh and reckless realities that some are not able to undertake in a healthy manner. Children are the most unstable when they are taken from their homes and put either into the shelters available or living on…show more content…
Homelessness effects many individual’s health, but the most severe is with infants and children. The infants and children are relying on the parent(s) to take care of them, and when they are unable to afford housing, it causes the children to not trust the parent(s) and are put under more stress than they are already feeling by trying to grasp reality. There is also the issue with domestic abuse victims with women and men that cause serious issues and tension with trust and security between individuals. The society is barely doing anything to help prevent homelessness and are instead complaining that it is a governmental issue and they have to solve it. When this occurs, it just becomes one large bickering battle that does not get anything solved. The first thing that needs to be done to step forward and try to help this situation is realizing that the society needs to take charge and help others and go from there to try to find either a compromise or

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