Summary: The Electoral College System

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The Electoral College system is a long process but a fair system. The theory behind this system is to ensure that all of the states, even the small ones, receive a fair voice in the election. In doing so, this will assist in the election process. Electoral College is defined as, “an unofficial term that refers to the electors who cast the states’ electoral votes” (Patterson, T.E., 2013, p.514). The Electoral system is a large part of the cohesiveness in our country and requires the distribution of support throughout our election process. This paper will describe the structure and function of the Electoral College, will compare the Electoral College to a popular vote approach for elections, and assess the value of an individual citizen’s…show more content…
Electoral College., n.d.). The Office of the Federal Register works as a mediator for the governors and secretaries of condition of the States and the Congress. Additionally, it proceeds as trusted operators of the Congress, in charge of looking into the legitimate adequacy of the declarations before the House and Senate acknowledge them as proof of authority State activity (U.S. Electoral College., n.d.). The people of each state vote for the electors who then cast their votes on the people’s behalf. “As the 2000 election reminded us, the Electoral College does make it possible for a candidate to win the popular vote and still not become president” (Miller, J., 2008, February 11), yet that is less a result of the Electoral College and more a result of the way states allocate balloters. In every state except Maine and Nebraska, voters are honored on a champ take-all premise. So if a competitor wins a state by even a restricted edge, he or she wins the majority of the state 's discretionary votes. The winner take-all framework is not governmentally commanded; states are allowed to dispense their constituent votes as they wish (Miller, J., 2008, February 11). This leads to assessing the value of an individual citizen’s vote under Electoral College
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