Summary: The First Chipotle

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Recalling that the first Chipotle was opening in 1993, Denver Co. Steve Ells did thought that Chipotle may become that popular. And in 1995 he decides opens a second store, and then a third store. In 2000, he stared researching about farmers and about natural raise pork. Until 2001 he started served in his restaurant 100% natural raised meats without antibiotics or hormones and started his campaign of Food with Integrity. Then, in 2014 he add one item into the menu for the first time “Sofritas” which is shredded organic Tofu cooked with Latin sofrito season and aromatic herbs. He still with his commitment of serve 100% organic vegetables, meats without hormones and humanely growth, dairy without RBGH and Tortillas GMO free. With his Food with

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