Summary: The Food Villain

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Sugar Article
The “Food Villain”, better know a sugar, causes heart disease, cancer, and strokes, which are the three leading causes of death. Yet natural sugars are not the cause of these life changing diseases; its artificial, man-made sugar. Robin Konie, author of “Its Sugar Bad? Why I Say No!” is more effective in persuading the audience to consider their health and nutrition. In Konie’s article she provides a personal narrative eliciting an emotional response from the audience because they can relate to her story. When switching up her diet, Konie states “I ate a variety of foods, including natural sugars like raw honey. I lost a lot of weight without trying.”(Konie). Her ability to consume and lose weight exemplifies eating the right …show more content…

She explains, “ditching sugar can destroy metabolism and lead to a weakened immune system, poor digestion, impaired sexual/reproductive function accelerated aging.”(Konie). Stripping sugar from your diet may help you lose some weight, but the affects of neglecting it, affects health drastically.
In an article by Sarah Elizabeth Richards she explains sugar affects human health negatively, saying it’s “a host of health ills, such as obesity, diabetes, and an increased risk of cancer.”(Richards). Which are all true, however, this is true when individuals are consistently eating artificial sugars, and unnatural man-made foods. These foods have added sugars and put our lives at risk, yet eliminating natural sugars messes with body functions that need glucose (sugar) to function properly.
Konie effectively informs her audience about the health affects of sugar by including a personal narrative and providing facts about how sugar affects the body. Like Konie said “remember health is about balance”(Konie) meaning cutting artificial sugar out of your diet but still eating natural sugars. In the future, we should begin to consume less artificial sugar and more natural sugar and improve the health of all

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