Summary: The Glass Castle

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Donville W. Robinson
High Tech High School
Summer Reading for Freshman/English
9 September 2015 What is Most Important to Children? Are children willing to seek complete freedom from society’s rules? Or do they seek the comfort and security that comes from a normal life? From the child’s point of view, the world will always be in their favor, no matter what path they choose. On the other hand, you can see where they struggle in making decisions. After all, they are just children. The Glass Castle, the parents of the Walls family, Rex Walls and Rose Mary Walls, gave their children Jeannette, Lori, Brian, and Maureen pretty much complete freedom to make their own choices. Both parents disagreed with the majority of society’s rules,
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She wouldn’t have learned all of the things she learned if she didn’t experience them herself. Most of all, she gained the heart to go to school and get a job because she was able to see with her own eyes what she wanted to be, instead of being guided and told what to do with her life. If she was, then she wouldn't have gained this passion to want to succeed since she would have been put in a mindset where everything in life is handed to her. Even though Jeannette was put in a very dangerous position with Billy, without fully experiencing the consequences of being with a predator, she could have later on been put in the same situation, but since she never got to see how much damage an attacker can cause, she would have become a victim. So many young women today are becoming victims because they never learn how serious situations like this can…show more content…
She was beautiful young lady, which helped her fit in with other children’s families. She was pretty much always with these families, who provided her with food, shelter, and comfort. As a result of this, she never really got experience certain events because she was constantly living in a state of security. She had always relied on others to get by, which really hurt her in the long run. Towards the end of the memoir, when her family moved to New York for a better chance at life, Maureen fell victim to distraction. After graduating high school, she applied for college, but while instead of succeeding, she never really applied herself. She ended up living with her homeless parents, and even though she picked up small jobs here and there, they never really lasted. She started smoking and ended up stabbing her own mother and going to jail. You can say all of this happened because she never had to pick up her own weight, so when it came time for her to get out into the world for herself, she crumbled. If she had the freedom to make her own choices and fend for herself from a young age, then she would have learned wrong from right early on while she still had

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