Summary: The Great Emancipator

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Since it gained it 's independence from Britain, America has had many great leaders. Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson are well known names in our country. Abraham Lincoln was a superior president to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Lincoln was an outstanding president who stood for freedom and liberty. American citizens remember him today mainly for his bold oppositions to slavery. This man drastically changed the course of history when he issued the Emancipation Proclamation. This document permanently abolished slavery. "The freedom that was won for so many black Americans in that war permanently enshrined the memory of Abraham Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents in the hearts and minds of all Americans" (Stone 8). Certainly a strong and brave man would be needed to lead a country that is in warfare. The Civil War was a horrific…show more content…
On Washington 's National Mall there is a monument dedicated to him and is one of the most visited spots in the nation. In addition, his face can be seen on Mount Rushmore. "The mountain itself shouts out: this is one of the greatest leaders in the history of this country, The Great Emancipator" (Stone 8). These attractions bring in hundreds and thousands of people who wish to pay their respect to the great president who created liberty and freedom a reality for all Americans. In contrast, some may argue that Washington or Jefferson were stronger leaders of our country. However, their achievements are not as influential to today 's society as Lincoln 's were. Indeed Washington was our first president and lead us to our independence, but he was more skilled in the field of battle rather than leadership. Jefferson contributed to our history by writing the Declaration of Independence, but still Lincoln is a more common household name. This is due to the fact that all of his accomplishments are still beneficial to American citizen 's
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