Summary: The Health Care Universal System

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The health care universal system would raise the cost because free health care isn 't really free because it comes out of every body 's taxes that pay taxes. Doctor’s flexibility decrease because of how many patients they have to see a day they do not have enough time and seeing one hundred parents a day is above their pay grade. People who are well and have a good track or taking care of themselves and don 't need a doctor pay for those who are obese, healthy people who don’t feel the need to pay for health care shouldn 't if they don 't go to the doctor. People who have business are becoming unfavorable. Health care is expensive currently and the quality that doctors give you is not to their full potential. People with big diseases like cancer or aids they have one hour to tell that doctor everything about them the doctors don 't have enough time they have probably 100 patients a day. The amount that people around the United States paying for health care is 10,000 per person basically. Health care for the untied stares is trillions of…show more content…
3.2 trillion dollars is what health care cost is in 2015 every single year the rate goes up a trillion more dollars. What if we stopped paying taxes stopped paying for other people. They would have no choice but to lower the prices of everything and lower your bills and rent and water and electricity and all that for everyone including business. Health care in the United States is robbing every one of their money. It 's like a circle we keep paying the same amount and getting the same amount from our jobs and bills lower and rise but those are
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