Summary: The Importance Of Birthing Ball

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Know the significant uses of birthing ball The exercises that women practice during pregnancy are helpful to avoid complications. It has a broad range of benefits especially for pregnant women keeping them fit and fine. The exercise that is given is to keep the weight under control and avoid complications like preeclampsia and diabetes. The most important part is that it helps to remain active and shorten the labour pain. It helps to produce effective contractions by increasing pelvic diameter. As a result there are fewer interventions such as forceps or vacuum births. Now to maintain fit body during pregnancy, the women use birthing ball that is inflated with air. It is referred to as physiotherapy balls and is very similar to gym ball.…show more content…
The birthing ball can be used to sit in early labor or during pushing stage. The upward curve that is there in the ball is a great support during labor. This curve gives a slight counter pressure to the swollen vulva during labor period. This position is far more comfortable than a chair. There are women who prefer the ball during active labor because it is hard to sit on anything that presses. The ball acts like a mobile support for the upper part of the mother’s body especially when she has to kneel and lean forward. The position makes it easier for the mother to rock forward and back during contractions. It is soothing for women to rock side by side and makes gentle circles. This helps them to be calm and stay in a position without straining the wrists. Tips to use it properly • The most important thing is that the size of the birthing ball should be perfect. It has to be correct as per your size and has to be inflated according to the directions of the manufacturer. • There are accessories that can be used one that includes a stand and keeps the ball from rolling out and from under you. • The safety measure that has to be kept in mind for the first time is to make sure that it is backed to a sofa. If you are nervous, then you have to make sure that there is someone to help you. • You have to sit on the sofa and the ball has to be in front of you. Then slowly you

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