Summary: The Importance Of Diversity In The Supreme Court

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WHAT is this story about? List two important facts from the article. The story discusses the apparent lack of diversity in the Supreme Court and how diversity could strengthen and bring different perspectives to the court. 1. One important fact is that all members of the Supreme Court graduated from just three Ivy League law schools. All nine justices, either attended Yale or Harvard University. 2. Another fact, is none of the members are Protestant. Not a single one, is an evangelical Christian or a Protestant of any other denomination. Majority of them are either Catholic, Roman Catholic, or Jewish. WHY is this story important? The story is important, since it highlights a significant argument about increasing diversity among the members in the Supreme Court. Justice Kagan, mentioned that bringing diversity into consideration, would promote assurance from the public. Since, they could relate more to the members and share similar experiences.…show more content…
I also learned that the Supreme court has a common goal. However, in this article it issued that diversifying its members, could help bring different outlooks, to assure that the laws are carried out correctly and faithfully. This article is significant to not only me, but to our continuously growing diverse population, as well. The Supreme Court’s decisions have a major say in the statutory laws of the country. So, of course we, the public, want the court to decide with the same opinions and values as we do. Our country is a democracy; we want our viewpoints to be evident in the representation in the court. Their finalized solutions, are going to affect how we run our lives in this society, and what rules we must conform to in order to remain a stable and peaceful country. Diversity is needed in this particular court, in order to maintain order and agreeance to issues containing various groups of

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