Summary: The Importance Of Speeding In Finland

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Did you know that your income determines how expensive you speeding ticket is in Finland? If someone is fast and furious they better be mega rich. One person was fined for 200,000 dollars just for speeding. Finland is all the way in Northern Europe. Finland is exactly 150,928 square miles. Finally Finland 's population is 5.482 million people. (“14 mind boggling facts about Finland”). Finland is a great place if you want to go camping, because Finland is 2/3 woodland, and they have over 187,888 lakes, making it the most of any country, and Finland has over 179,888 Finish islands to explore. Part of Finland north of the arctic circle suffers from terribly long, and harsh winters. Temperatures can fall as low as -22°f, but in the short summer, the temperatures from May to July can rise as high as 80°f. When you go down south, the temperatures are less frigid. As the Baltic sea, and the Gulf stream warmed airflow from the Atlantic keeps the temperatures 10° higher than the similar latitudes of Siberia and…show more content…
Finlands type of currency is euro´s. One euro equals one dollar and nine cents in U.S dollars. In Finland foreign trade is vital for the economy. Employment has not increased as quickly as the manufacturing has. Employees have been retrained to promote their investment. (Larson). Finland has beautiful forest, islands, and blue lakes. The perfect place for wildlife. Finland is home to some of the most amazing creatures. One of Finland 's many animals is the Grey Owl, they can become very aggressive at times. Finlands is also home to the Ermine, the Ermine camouflages in the white snow. Last but not least the Bear, the Bear is one of the largest animal in finland and is home to only 1,500 bears. One thing I want be doing any time soon is speeding in Finland. From Finland 's geography, history, culture, economy, and wildlife hopefully everyone knows all about finland. Time to come hopefully we could receive the chance just to go see how great finland is.

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