Summary: The Influence Of Sugar In Western Media

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According to Dosreis, about two-thirds of parents believe that sugar causes hyperactivity in children. (Dosreis et al.) This idea can be seen throughout Western media with many films such as the previously shown Daddy Day Care, Parental Guidance and many others all have scenes where kids start off normal and end up hyped up after sugar. If you search on YouTube you will find several videos depicting children having a so called sugar high. Including one video clip where a father shows his daughter getting hyper after eating sugar as part of an experiment. In the clip, it is quite clear that the father believes his daughter will become hyperactive after sugar. (Joneses, 2015), and other videos with titles like Funny Kids sugar high. It is clearly a belief that is deep seeded within people’s minds of mid-higher class westerns.…show more content…
Many Online Blogs giving tips for helping to avoid the sugar rush many of these around times like Halloween and Christmas. It seems like a real push from the media I even came across a books called I Quit Sugar Kids book. There are several valid reason for a low sugar intake society’s belief that sugar and kids hyperactivity is clearly influenced heavily by the

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