Summary: The Issue Of Homelessness

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Homelessness has been an issue that has been of concern in the United States since the beginning of industrialization, which brought forth hundreds upon thousands of people migrating from European countries in the early through the late 1800s. Most of them were families escaping political and religious oppressions from their native land while many others sought to attain financial prosperity as well. However, the influx of immigrants who were seeking new opportunities in developing regions of the United States created overcrowdings in towns resulting in the fewer dwelling for the men, women, and children, to inhabit. The deficiency of inadequate dwellings left many living on the streets and begging for money. Health-related illness began to rise along with poor safety regulation, all of which contributed to physical disabilities and deaths among the men who were the breadwinners. The effects crippled a majority of families financially even further, forcing single mothers to remove the oldest children of their homes and out into the streets because they could no longer afford to raise them.…show more content…
“Homelessness has complex causes, including a changing economy, joblessness, and the loss of low-rent housing in cities.” (Mechanic, David). Society takes no mind in addressing the issue and create a preconceived notion derived from substance abuse regarding homelessness as a matter of choice and not misfortune and unforeseen events. Society thinks of them as lacking the wherewithal, simply giving up on life and refuse to be a part of a functioning society. Consequently, many are forced to stay in free shelters; others live in their vehicles while the remainder is living in areas not meant for habitation such as downtown areas, under bridges and

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