Summary: The Issue Of Immigration

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Immigration, throughout the years, has helped in the making and shaping of the United Stated economic growth. In addition, this problem has arisen from the desire of some foreign nationalists to live and work in a country where they will have a better future for themselves and their family. Although many of the perceptions and fears about new immigrants are rooted to the idea that they are ignorant or that they come to America simply to cause problems in our nation, as well as to become a burden to our government officials, the fact of the matter is that without the brave decisions of so many immigrants America would not be known as the great American melting pot that so many people from around the world dream about becoming a part of each…show more content…
Immigrants pay their income, sales, property, and other taxes, that contribute to public services like being able to send their children to public schools, demanding police protection, driving on roads and receiving public and medical assistance. Every year that immigration increases it generates extra income for the United States economy pushing the people’s payment in a positive way. With the rise of immigration labor increased and working conditions are more favorable to employees. With this many growth in the industries it allows for the workers of the United States to increase land, natural resources and factory productivity. Those who disagree say that immigration is the main cost of a more enforced law program, education, and health care services and because of this there are less and less people who receive what they need to take care of their family. Although there are many facts and many statistics that prove that immigration does in fact help the economy in a positive way for example David Becerra in the Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare stated that “the financial solvency of the Social Security and Medicare programs in the U.S. relies on payroll tax revenue” in which the majority of undocumented immigrants pay each…show more content…
There are many people who want immigration laws to be stricter allowing for the use of state and federal health and social to be given to residents of the United States only. As mentioned before immigration does help the economy and taxes but many people believe that immigration only prevents and holds back taxes for everyone else. This is why society also believes that immigrants represent an economic drain on taxpayers. Society does not accept the way in which people come to the U.S. for an opportunity that will change their lives and there are those who think that immigrants risk their lives every time they cross the border illegally. This leads to other arguments about what should the United States do to contain the spreading of immigration to the United States. There are many different opinions that quotas should be raised in order to lower the amount of “illegal aliens” that come to the U.S. While there are specific groups of workers that have many things to gain or lose illegal immigration is the main cause for economic effects that help the economy. The United States goals now are to reduce the amount of immigration that is happening in the United States now a day but there are many laws that say that the U.S. needs to help immigrants accomplish the goals that they came to the U.S.

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