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REPORTER: The reporter/Social Worker (Rose) called to report neglect for the victim, Billy. Billy’s suffered from a stroke with cognitive issues in 2012. Also, he utilizes a wheelchair, noncompliant, and he can not perform his daily ADL’s. According to the reporter, on 9/11/2015, the reporter spoke with the victim’s roommate (Gregory), and he stated that he only moved in because the victim’s girlfriend (unknown) went to jail for drugs (unknown when). Billy had a drug history, but he is no longer on drugs. The reporter said Billy does not have a caretaker or POA, and he needs to be in a nursing home. The reporter said the victim suffered from a heart attack and stroke that affects his cognitive and mobility. The reporter gave Gregory the number for the Medicaid…show more content…
The reporter said that is always an issue with them not being able to get his medication. The reporter said his Medicaid should cover 5 prescriptions. On today (09/22/205), the reporter said she will call Wal-Mart and check on his prescriptions. The reporter spoke with Caribbean Jackson on 9/14/2015, and she agreed to be the victim’s caretaker, but the family has not heard from her. The family said they wanted his girlfriend’s sister (Tina) to be the caretaker for the victim. The reporter has not spoken with Tina. The reporter said in the past, the house was unsanitary, had a foul odor, and roach infested. Also, there was limited food inside the home, when the girlfriend was living there. The victim attends the Coastal Planning Health Center and they were not checking his blood sugar, and his blood pressure has been so high in the past. The reporter “sent Billy’s records to the Bayington Nursing Home, but it will take DHS Adult protective services to help get him into this nursing home because the family may disagree. The reporter said he really needs a nursing home

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