Summary: The Kifwebe Mask

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The Kifwebe Mask was used as the embodiment of a police force for ruling elite. Ten to twenty men would parade with these masks through the streets. In addition to serving as agents of social control, the masked performers extracted contributions from community members. The Kifwebe Mask could be compared to current masks that S.W.A.T Forces wear. They both share the similarity of relating to a police force. Just as the people wearing the mask only ruled against elite people, the S.W.A.T also is used in higher up situations that are more dangerous. Overall, both control society just by the displayed of power and both represent a high amount of power. The Kifwebe Masks were made by specialists who rubbed magic mixtures into them to activate…show more content…
The Egyptians built sphinx statues to guard important areas such as tombs and temples. It was a protective entity and large statues of sphinxes fronted temple complexes as protective guardian figures. This specific sphinx was found at the site of Memphis in the area of the North Gate of the Ptah Temple. The inscriptions on the chest and around the base give the five names of Ramses II. His son and successor, Merpentan, added his own cartouches to the shoulders after his father’s death. A Sphinx is relativity the same as tombstone or a gravestone, to a lesser degree because both objects protect a burial place of a person. Most people who are buried in a cemetery have a gravestone, which makes a gravestone have less significance to a Sphinx. Also, a sphinx help much more important people and guarder areas such as temples, rather than just being a marker. In general, they server the same purpose; protecting and serving in the honor of people that have died. The sphinx was an iconic image of ancient Egypt. It was a hybrid creature with the body of a lion and the head of a man. This combination of human and leonine elements endowed the sphinx with the intelligence of a human being united with the awesome physical prowess of a lion. Typically, it wears a nemes headdress and a false beard. These elements are clues to the viewer that the individual represented is the

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