Summary: The Law Of Undulation

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Christ gives us an eternal joy that nothing on earth can replace, however the demons are constantly trying to sway the patient away from this joy to earthly pleasures. They try to focus his attention on basic things such as reading the newspaper instead of reading his Bible and having a lot of average non-theological conversation (Lewis 22). None of this is technically a sin by itself, but the demons are crafty and distract him with this happiness that looks good. They do this so that they eventually replace the joy deep down in his heart with happiness that will eventually fade. Screwtape enlightens his nephew on the difference between happiness and joy and the uses stating, “Fun is closely related to Joy — a sort of emotional froth arising…show more content…
Lewis does an excellent job showing in his book, the battle that is sin against a believer in Christ Jesus. The ups and downs are always going to be surrounded by spiritual warfare for Christians. This has already been seen when analyzing The Law of Undulation. Lewis made a great masterpiece, in show casing spiritual warfare but without making it sound like there is any sac-religious material. When writing, taking a spin on a theological topic can be risky at times. With the direction Lewis went, he could have made it sac-religious because of his personifying of demons, but he did a superb job. Another interesting point to look at when examining the Screwtape Letters is the lack of “disturbing sin” that the demons use against the patients. The demons tend to only attack those who are a threat to them, and they have to use small bits of hinting towards little sins. Just like Satan whispers into Eve’s ear, “Did God really say to not eat the apple?” This slight coaxing can make even the strongest of Christians turn their back on Christ if they don’t look to him to get through it. The demon’s craftiness towards the patient is quite a horrifying event to witness. Spiritual warfare is a very real thing that is happening all around the world, towards believers all the time. If spiritual warfare is not going on with a believer, Satan does not care about them
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