Summary: The Life Of Bill Clinton

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The Life Of Bill Clinton

Background of the President

William Jefferson Clinton most commonly known as Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III in Hope, Arkansas, on August 19, 1946, approximately three months after his the death of his father. Clinton was raised by his strong-willed grandmother Edith Cassidy and his free spirited mother Virginia Cassidy Blythe two domineering women who often competed for his attention. Clinton spent the early years of his life being taught by his grandmother while his mother way away in New Orleans attending school to become a nurse. (World Biography Encyclopedia)

In 1950, Clinton 's mother, Virginia, married a car dealer and abusive alcoholic by the name of Roger Clinton who moved the family to Hot Springs, Arkansas where years later Clinton officially adopted his stepfather 's last name. In 1963, a year before graduating high school Clinton visited Washington D.C., as one of the two Arkansas
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Bush who lead the polls in the wake of the Operation Desert Storm success, Democrat Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton who was gradually increasing in popularity, and the independent Texas businessman Ross Perot who appealed to the public as the voice of all fed up Americans. (Miller Center, 2015)

During the beginning of the primaries Clinton endured a tough campaign as a result of having to deal with a scandal revolving around the Vietnam War and his ability to avoid the draft, a situation that caused him to drop twenty points in the polls. Critics also felt he lacked experience in foreign policy but coupled with the fact that he was a popular candidate in a state that has voted for Republicans in four of the last five presidential elections and that he seemed to attract a wide variety of people he was a more appealing candidate for the Democratic nomination than the other
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