Summary: The Man Who Cried I Am By John A. Williams

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Chania Whitaker Response #7 Fall 2015 AAA Literature 204 Exploring the Correlation of Max’s Sexuality and Sexism in The Man Who Cried I Am by John A. Williams. It’s interesting that John A. Williams gave Max rectal cancer out of all the diseases he could of given him. This particular cancer puts Max in a vulnerable position when it comes to his genitalia. The penis is often a sign of men sexuality but also; it is directly tied to masculinity. For Max, masculinity is very important, and sometimes overwhelming. One example is how he followed Lillian for two blocks (thinking that is ok) just to talk to her. Putting Max in a position where he is stripped of his masculinity, forces him interact with women differently. Max Reddick notoriously treats women horribly. Max sees women as sexual beings and nothing else unless they spike certain interest in him. When reminiscing on the women he slept with in the past, he makes crude comments about their bodies. “There were a few tough hairs on (Fredericka’s) breasts that made love making somewhat uneasy. And that thing, that ugly, dangling, crippled labia; it felt like taking hold of a piece of warm chitlin (Williams 175).” Fredericka, like the other women Max has slept with, has put herself in a vulnerable position by allowing Max to see her…show more content…
In Amsterdam, Margrit is very upset with the lack of chemistry from Max. After reuniting with each other, Max doesn’t allow himself to even kiss Margrit, let alone have sex with her. Margrit is confused and upset about the change of character, “ the black bastard… he could have kissed me! (Williams 33). In comparison to when they first met at Margrit’s birthday party, he was very upfront about his sexuality and kissed her on the first night. Max seems to be a new person because his personality around women depended on his
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