Summary: The Matching System In Matched

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THE MATCHING-SYSTEM IN MATCHED In the book Matched teenagers who reach the age of seventeen are going to be matched by a system of the government. This system finds the best and most potential partner for the teenagers. The system guarantees that with this partner the couple will get healthy children. In addition to that they are able to live a long and a healthy life. The partners usually do not know each other before they are matched. So the strangers have to get to know each other at first. In the age of twenty-one the couples have to marry. DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHARACTERS In this book there are several different types of characters they are alike the characters of Delirium. There are the people who live the life the government tell them.…show more content…
And they do have feelings for one another and love each other. Their relationship is comparable with a loving relationship of our present society. Cassias father has always broken the rules for those he loves, just as her mother has always kept them for the same reason . For example the father let disappear the tissue sample of his father because he wanted him to although Cassias father know that he gets in trouble with the officials. Even though Cassia breaks the rules and loves Ky her parents love her and understand her. In addition to that they support her with finding Ky. So this shows that love between parents and their children still exist and in this case the parents break the rules and lie to the society just to help their own children. The system is incapable to control the love between parents and children and this love is stronger than the power of the government. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CASSIA AND HER GRANDFATHER For Cassia her grandfather is a very important person in her life. He has the same view on the society like Cassia has, he was a rebel because he breaks the rules with for example keeping poems with him. In addition to that he wants his son to destroy his tissue sample so nobody can bring him back to life against his will. Both of them have a great confidence to each other because her grandfather gives his granddaughter his compact with the poems in it. In addition to that the grandfather is the only person
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