Summary: The Melting Pot Of Mask

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The Melting Pot of Masks Masks are everywhere you go; everyone that obscures something by wearing a mask thinks that it can be beneficial or harmful. In order to hide your identity, you will have to choose one side. Which side will you defend and go against or will you support both sides? Masks have been known for many years and have been used for many reasons such as persona, intentions, feelings or maybe even to scare little kids during Halloween. Sometimes people that wear a mask are being forced by others because they are different from everyone else. If you choose to wear a mask, it can impact how the wearer talks to his/her peers and the rest of the world. But in some cases, people that put on masks can think of themselves as powerful…show more content…
A piece of evidence that supports my reasoning is “Fatal Flower”. Fatal Flower represents my reasoning because when Gem is introduced in the story the author says that she was very ugly and always covered herself with a veil. In an instance, she realizes that there is a wise woman who has the power to grant you any wish that you ask. When Gem goes there she asks the wise women to change her face from ugly to beautiful. So the wise women fulfilled Gem’s wish and made her the most beautiful women in the village. A quote from the story that shows this is, “Word of her beauty quickly spread through the countryside, for there was no one as lovely as she”.(pg.657) Suddenly, the king’s soldiers came to the village and were commanding the people of the village to give the most beautiful women to them because the king was sick and needed to be healed. The soldiers said that they will need the hearts of the beautiful ladies to heal the king. I know this because in the text it states, “We regret to inform you that yin is most concentrated in the heart of a beautiful girl. We must cut it out”.(pg.658) My second piece of evidence that backs up my reasoning is “7th Grade”. When Victor realizes that a new girl…show more content…
A piece of evidence that helps support my reasoning is the “My Dad Story Clip”. In the clip, both the daughter and the dad wear masks in order to make sure they love each other. They both know that they are not as wealthy but all the joy that they had came from what they gave each other and not just themselves. The dad keeps telling his daughter that they are rich and how the dad has a very good job and earn a lot of money. All he said to his daughter was a lie, but soon his daughter figures out that what his dad told her was not the truth. At the restaurant, when his daughter asks if he wants to eat, he says he’s not hungry and tells the girl to keep eating. The dad masks this because he doesn’t want his daughter to feel hungry and think that they can not afford it. At one point of the clip, when the dad is washing the dishes the little girl sees and feels bad. After seeing this, she decided to write a poem to her dad saying how much she loves him. One day, when he is taking his daughter to school he reads a poem that she wrote. After reading it, he realized that his daughter knows about how he lied all the things that he told her. In the end, if she hadn’t written that poem to him, more sadness and depression would have occurred to both of them and would not have brought happiness to them. In conclusion, his dad felt good after
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