Summary: The Night Of Kristallnacht

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The night of Kristallnacht and the rising tensions between our community forced our family to flee to the french border city of Natzwiller. Our family was strong in business as we were successful in revolution and our small workshop grew into a family empire as generations of Schneider lived to keep our proud business open through the wars and the depression. This shoe factory was crucial to us as it provided us success until the night of Kristallnacht. That night, the SA and our neighbors killed our Jared and family’s business. Almost two years in the city of Natzwiller, our family grew into eighteen and a new shoe empire was building until the Nazis invaded the city. The city quickly fell under the control of the SS, who were looking specifically for the Jewish civilians. They came to our workshop and shot our patriarch, my father. The remaining thirteen of us were moved into a prisoner of war camp, where we would be separated. Us six boy were decided to build another camp with some other Jewish teens from the city. This camp was brutal as it pushed and beaten us.
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