Summary: The Portrayal Of Gothic Elements In A Sicilian Romance

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One day, the marquis suggests that Julia should marry Duke de Luovo, an old, evil character, quietly the same as her father. Julia refuses to marry the duke and sinks in deep grief and depression but finally convinced by her brother Ferdinand to elope with Hippolitus, the night before her wedding. Unfortunately, their escape is failed; the Marquis and the Duke attack the couple in the hollow tunnels underneath the castle. The marquis stabs Hippolitus and throws Julia in a solitary boarding prison located on the remote south part of the castle grounds. 25 Later, Julia was informed that Hippolitus has died. She weeps for the his death; but deeply inside she believes that he still alive . She manages to escape again but this time alone with a little help of a servant by breaking a narrow entrance through the wall and sneaking out during the night. This time, the Marquis and the Duke are too late to catch her. They spend the rest of the novel trying to catch Julia but in vain. Julia has to flee from a place to another to avoid capture. She spends some time in a cottage of her…show more content…
The Portrayal of Gothic Elements in A Sicilian Romance 2.3.1 The Setting Radcliffe wrote A Sicilian Romance after visiting the beautiful Island of Sicily. She was fascinated by the magnificent remains of a castle which belongs to the house of Mazzini . In the preface of A Sicilian Romance , she describes her journey and how these places inspired her to write about the past time when these ruins were enormous buildings teeming with life : As I walked over the loose fragments of stones which lay scattered through the immense area of the fabric, and surveyed the sublimity and grandeur of the ruins, I recurred, by a natural associations of ideas, to the times when these walls stood proudly in their original splendor, when the halls were the scenes of hospitality and festive magnificent, and when they resounded with the voices of those whom death had long since death swept from the earth.
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