Summary: The Protagonist Of Miriam

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“For the only thing she had lost to Miriam was her identity, but now she knew she had found again the person who lived in this room, who cooked her own meals, who owned a canary, who was someone she could trust and believe in: Mrs. H. T. Miller” (Capote). The Protagonist of Miriam is Mrs. H.T. Miller; an old widow who lives a secluded life. The antagonist is Mrs. Millers mind. The antagonist is her mind because, her mind generates a little girl that is a figment of Mrs. Millers imagination that is named Miriam. Miriam shows up out of nowhere and has a certain kind of control over Mrs. Miller in making her do things she wants. Miriam is able to get Mrs. Miller to make her a sandwich, but only if Miriam agrees to leave. When Mrs. Miller goes
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