Summary: The Revolution Of Flappers

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“If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down, these women together ought to be able to turn it right together.” In the 1920s, people had a stereotype for women; that they could not do anything that a man could do and that they should look a certain way. This stereotype caused the revolution of the flappers. These flapper were a significant step towards the equality between men and women by seeking for a change, wanted something different than society, and wanted to get rid of the normal housewife. A women should behave a certain way and always look how a proper woman is supposed to look. Women were always told that they should look a certain way and that there is a behavior that is the right way to act.…show more content…
Society’s model was not what the women wanted to make them happy or feel good about themselves. It was time to change it and they wanted something different than what society had in mind for them. Many women saw this rebellion as a reason the celebrate. The model for these women was changed and they loved the thought of being their own person. “Many flappers celebrated the age of the flapper as a female declaration of independence . Experimentation with new looks, jobs, and lifestyles seemed liberating compared with the socially silenced woman in the victorian age.” (Flappers). Others on the other side just accepted the fact that they were meant to stay home and do all the chores, keep the house up, take care of the kids, and wait on their husbands hand and foot. More and more women came to realize that if they wanted a change, they would all to be in on it since women do not have a big voice in society and only listen to the men. “Some women accepted their status, but many rebelled against it, More and more women came to realize that, in order to be effective social reformers they would first need to acquire legal rights as women.” (The women’s rights) After the women had realized that they needed the legal rights, they tried everything to get those rights, but the men did not like the idea of their women or any women having rights to do anything. Especially to vote. They hated that they wanted their own legal rights and tried anything to convince them different. The idea of their lady have an opinion or any rights made them sick to their stomachs. Power with a women was not a good idea to them. Women said that they needed power and wanted to make their own decisions. Men completely disagreed. “To their frustration, women found, just as female activists had a century earlier, that the men in these social reform movements were reluctant to give women any substantial
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