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The Rhythm Society Orchestra Swing Jazz Band The concert I choose to attend, was a swing band called; The Rhythm Society Orchestra. The orchestra performed on July 2, 2015, in a small town about an hour away. In the community of Howell, Michigan, the concert that was put on by the Opera House of Howell, outside in the courtyard; in front of the town 's courthouse. The show started at 7:00 pm, and ended at 9:00 pm, which was free to the public to enjoy. Upon arriving, I had learned there would not be a program handed out. I was introduced to the Roger Aresden (VP Operation and Series Producer), along with Sharon Fisher (VP Programming). Roger Aresden then introduce me to the Gary Herzenstiel owner of the band and conductor, who was very informative…show more content…
• In the Mood: by Glen Miller Several of Glenn Miller’s hits were simple but are full riffs tunes; in which the riff is altered and with each recurrence suitable the primary harmony. When most people hear the song In the mood; they think of the legendary Glenn Miller. Miller’s In the Mood is one of my favored dance arrangements. • Beyond the Sea: by Jack Lawrence Beyond the Sea, recorded by many artists, but it was Bobby Darin 's version that is the best known. • You Make Me Feel so Young: by Josef Myrow, and lyrics written by Mack Gordon • Time after Time: by Sammy Cahn (lyrics) and Jule Styne (music) Time after Time, in ABAC form, is a moderately slow song, sung by many artists. Furthermore, Sammy Cahn and Frank Sinatra had an extensive association, which led to Sinatra 's recording several of Cahn 's songs. • A Fine Romance: by Jerome Kern with lyrics by Dorothy Fields • Tonsillectomy: by Albert Boyd Raeburn • When You’re Smiling: by Mark Fisher, Larry Shay and Joe Goodwin Glenn Miller had the most famous recording of the song and making it a number one hit; I never thought it was, by Erskine Hawkins. • Tuxedo Junction: by Erskine Hawkins • Come Fly with Me: by composed by Jimmy Van Heusen, with lyrics by…show more content…
With the four major elements of music, melody, harmony, tone and rhythm, this traditional band had them all. In my opinion, a jazz musician has more knowledge, and understanding of their instrument, then most musicians. For example, the vocalist Paul King, unlike today’s modern music, his voice is just another instrument. The vocalist is expected to have the same control and command over his instrument, as the rest of the band. Rarely, can you find a singer of such quality. The Harmony that’s created in the songs, by different instruments, or just one, came from two or more notes; that they played at the same time. Harmony is just as vital as melody, usually done, by chords variations. The harmonies the band played made the music seem fuller and richer and more satisfying to the listener. The band not only sounded great, and was very professional; performers wore

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