Summary: The Southwest Water Crisis

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The Southwest Water Crisis
Although the current drought is exceptional for its high temperatures and affecting the largest supply of water in Southwestern United States, the Colorado River Basin, by decreasing the water levels. With the lack of water source it is also negatively impacting human health, agriculture, energy, and ecosystems. Water resources are crucial for any sort of living organism, but very scarce due the current drought, which holds complications for the future and alterations people have to construct to maintain water sustainability.

Due to the climate change and warmer weather during the summers caused low snowpack in Rocky Mountains. When there is low snowpack in the Rocky Mountains it decreases the rivers water source. Low snowpack means less snow to melt into water substance. The warmer summer temperature also
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People need to start putting their foot down and help make other people who are not aware of the situation more aware. Without water we will lose essential needs that we need to survive such as food and energy. Due to the climate changes and warmer weather, people need to become more aware of how serious the water scarcity is. As listed above there are many ways that people are trying to prevent the drought from continuing but the people who are using the methods to prevent are the people being affected by it now. All states need to take part in this prevention before the drought gets more out of control and it potentially taking all of the water resources. If states put their ideas together, there would be a better chance of coming up with more ideas of prevention. There is nothing anyone can do about the climate changes and warmer weather which makes it a lot harder to stop the drought. The main concern of the lack of water resources is the human health. Without all the necessities the human health is going to get worse and could cause many
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