Summary: The Thoughts Behind Old Hickory

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The Thoughts Behind Old Hickory Andrew Jackson is possibly one of our most controversial presidents. While he did many things to help move forth the political process and helped make important decisions regarding nullification, he also further disenfranchised Native Americans as well as he was responsible for destruction of the National Bank. In order to understand why he did some of these things, one must look back at his past and the things he did. One of the first things Jackson did when he took office was allowed the people to enter the White House after his inauguration. This set the tone for what his presidency, which focused on opening the political process to the common people. Some of the stuff he did was lower restrictions so all white males could vote, he made it easier for the common person to run for office by doing away with the Caucus system and implemented the Spoils system. The moment in his past that causes him to take this position on the common people’s vote is when he lost the 1824 election. He believed he lost the election due to a corrupt bargain…show more content…
When South Carolina nullified the “Tariff of Abomination”, Jackson was furious. He was a strict interpreter of the Constitution and its interpretations by the Supreme Court. And due to the Supreme Court’s ruling that federal law is more supreme than state law, Jackson believed that nullification was unconstitutional and illegal. Due to his capture during the American Revolution and his mistreatment by the British, he was very pro american and in turn was a strict enforcer of the Constitution, which is what makes up America. So anything that would go against it, especially a state ignoring it, would make him react in ways most would consider aggressive, such as mobilizing the army. In because of his interpretation of the Constitution and love of America, he took a very anti nullification stand during the
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