Summary: The Three Biggest College Campuses

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When students first come to college it is very exciting, but soon they realize that college is a difficult task to withstand. For example, in the article "The Three Biggest College Campuses Problems," for four-year students were asked to choose three out of twenty-one of the biggest problems on campus and the three biggest problems were the cost of education, stress, and alcohol abuse (Jacobs). I strongly agree with these three problems because as a first-year student I have experienced these three problems within the first week of school. Therefore, I don’t agree with what the article college expenses not increasing each year you attend. I realized when I entered college how quickly these three effects took a detriment on my performance. I feel as if these distractions put me in a position to not perform to the best of my abilities. The cost of education is certainly effecting the way I spend, conserve, and think about as far as my choice of school. In the article "The Three Biggest College Campuses Problems," show that the cost of education was the top problem for students at a percentage of sixty-three percent. Since I have started school this semester I have constantly had financial issues. I took out two student loans to pay for school this semester. The two student loans that I took out were the subsidized…show more content…
In the article "The Three Biggest College Campuses Problems" it states, "According to a 2008 survey from the associated press and mtvU, eighty-percent of American college students say they "frequently or sometimes experience stress." It also states that stress is the second of the three big college campuses problems at a percentage of thirty-eight percent. Students may also find themselves stressed out because of massive amounts of workload, grades, and early classes. In my opinion, I always become stressed with workload, grades, and early classes. For
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