Summary: The Toxic Truth About Sugar

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Snap! My can pops as I prepare myself for a glorious taste of bubbly sugar in a can. I had already drunk six cans of coke that day; with no clue my cholesterol was already 23 grams higher than the average 18 year old female. Sugar, as alcohol and tobacco, warrants some form of societal intervention argue Robert H. Lustig, Laura Schmidt and Claire Brindis, scientists in the Public Health Department at the University of California, in their article, The Toxic Truth about Sugar. These researchers are in belief that these sinful grains are the cause to the heightened obesity weight throughout the globe. However, the fact that sugar is now the “culprit” is yet another reason people choose not to blame themselves for their lack of inactivity and…show more content…
As informed in the article, obesity is one of the principal complications across the world. They propose that the sale of sugars such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) should be taxed and regulated like cigarettes and alcohol. Lustig critiques authorities whom value sugar as “empty calories” as there is nothing empty about these calories due to the diseases and complications sugar consumption creates.
The study recommends controlling the use of sugar in the food industry through taxation and legislation. Another option was to limit the age of a person whom may be allowed to purchase sugar-added foods or drinks at schools, convenient stores, etc. Blaming added sugar as a cause of obesity is misleading to people as well as policy makers about the “truth of obesity”. Moreover, isolated reductions in added sugar ingestion will undoubtedly not lead to a decrease in obesity rates. Similar fallacies regarding added fats and the preferred decrease in fat intake have completely botched in the
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Sugar is only unhealthy when consumed in ridiculous amounts. Good health can be obtained with a proper diet and a lifestyle with plenty of physical activity. These diseases have even been explained as multi-factorial, therefore, sugar cannot be considered as the only probable cause to obesity. Prohibition in sugar consumption seems like another way to blame everything else besides ourselves. If adults were to execute a healthy personal example, children will follow through with their habits. Providing good role models in a child’s nutrition would benefit further than any

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