Summary: The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Edmund Burke once said, “Slavery is a weed that grows on every soil.” During the years of 1450-1860 slavery was the only way of life for many African-Americans. This time was known as the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Millions of African-Americans were transported as slaves across the Middle Passage. During the time of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, African women were seen as something of little value compared to other slaves The Transatlantic Slave Trade was a time when millions upon millions of African-Americans were uprooted from their homes and sold as slaves to the New World. “The Transatlantic Slave Trade was the longest ongoing crime against humanity” (Franklin 35). Humans were treated like animals, killed for no reason, and forced to…show more content…
but that wasn’t always the case. “the proportion of male slaves in all three colonies was actually lower than in later years” (Eltis 311). As the number of slaves increased, more female and children slaves arrived in the New World, and the demand for men went down because the women and children were sold for lower prices and were paid lower wages. Women and children were seen as weaker and not capable of doing the same quality of work that men did. Men may have been stronger and still paid better, but women and children soon became the…show more content…
African children comprised about ⅕ of the number of captives (Hollander). Entire families were taken from their homeland and sold as slaves, men, women, and children alike. It is thought that men were the most desirable workers, but in fact, it was the children. “Slave children were highly prized, specifically targeted and exceptionally valuable investments” (Lawrance 29). Children were seen of as investments, but they were bought for very low prices, and since they were young, there was no need to pay them as much as adults. The age of the children was very important because of the different prices on them (Diptee 183). Younger children aren’t as strong as older children, so they won’t be capable of doing the same amount of work as them either. If a slave owner isn’t going to get as much work out of the child, they are most likely going to want to negotiate a lower price. The Transatlantic Slave Trade left a huge mark on African history. The male slaves were viewed as stronger and more fit for work, the children slaves were regarded as special investments, and other female slaves had more freedom. It is clear that the African women from the Transatlantic Slave Trade were not viewed as equals to the rest of the
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