Summary: The Truth About Mormonism

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The Truth About Mormons and Utopianism
In the mid 19th century reform movements took charge of American antebellum society as the nation attempted to further progress and individualize itself (Brinkley 269). The Utopian movement materialized in response to growing strife within the nation. In creating peaceful and enclosed communities that equally involved each person no matter their gender, Utopians sought to escape from the chaos of American society (Brinkley 273). However, not all members of the Utopian movement stayed true to its beliefs. More specifically, by redefining Christian principles and promoting gender inequality, Joseph Smith and the Mormons strayed from the peaceful and inclusive agenda of Utopians and ultimately bolstered the chaos of society.
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When Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints, asked God which Christian denomination he should join, he claimed that God said “they were all wrong” and that “their creeds were an abomination to [my] sight” (Smith). By sharing his discovery, Smith incited violent persecution, “common among all the sects” who “all united to persecute [him]” after fielding attacks on their religion (Smith). Hatred towards Smith grew so violent that he was forced to leave his home in Manchester (Smith), but persecution of Mormons and Mormon communities continued for years. To other Christians, Mormonism offered an unwarranted, modern interpretation of Christian beliefs, history, and saints. The institution of polygamy was seen as its most sacrilegious practice. In an interview with Mormon leader Brigham Young,
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