Summary: The Untold Tale Of Shaniqua The Rat Princess

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The Untold Tale of Shaniqua the Rat Princess On a foggy day in the creepy town of Charleston, Illinois, Shaniqua was born to her parents Shawn and Iqua. She had the most beautiful long, brown, wavy hair with perfect green eyes. Shawn dressed Shaniqua in a flowy blue dress and got ready to take her home. As Iqua was taking her out of the car, she tripped over what she thought was a stone and dropped Shaniqua down the well in the front yard. When Shaniqua got to the bottom of the well, she was greeted some friendly rats who called the well home and they welcomed her with a feast of dead fish and trash bags. They were acting like a bunch if monkeys and it was driving Shaniqua crazy. It was then she realized that she needed to gain control over the rats and become the rat princess. As Shaniqua grew up, she grew more and more annoyed with the rats. She tried to dig her way out of the well but only found an odd-shaped piece of…show more content…
She knew they wouldn’t help her but that’s exactly what she wanted. She told them if they didn’t help, she would leave them. When they still wouldn’t clean up, she started to dig in another part of the well to try to escape. It was then that Dequan, the prince of the rats, announced her as the Princess of the Rats of 1022 Lincoln Avenue Well, just so she wouldn’t leave. Then, Dequan questioned if she could truly be the princess if she was not married to the prince rat. All the other rats agreed and told her she needed to marry Dequan if she really wanted to be the princess, and of course she did, so a day later Shaniqua and Dequan got married. The day after, Shaniqua asked the rats to help her dig through the metal she had found earlier. They grabbed some pickaxes they had made out of fish bones and started helping her dig. They dug and dug until they could not dig anymore, so they went to bed and got some rest for the next
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