Summary: Theoretical Basis For Advanced Nursing Practice

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The desire to become a certified nurse practitioner (CNP) requires being accepted into an advanced nursing practice program. The program has a specific course curriculum that must be followed by all the students. One of the core courses consist of a Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice. Many nurses may have taken a theory course previously as a requirement for their nursing program. However, it is of great importance that all students studying for an advanced degree in nursing to take a current course in theory. According to Grealish and Smale (2011), it is necessary to use theory effectively before conducting nursing practices. The knowledge base for a CNP must be expanded pertaining to theory. This will enhance the scope of practice for nurses.…show more content…
It sets the standards in which nursing care should be delivered. These standards are developed from evidence based research that has been conducted. This is performed on a continuous base. Information learned from 15 years ago has changed sufficiently. The field of nursing has evolved tremendously. According to Hiroko et al. (2014), nurses are charged with connecting updated theories with patient care for advancing the practice of nursing. Having an evidence based practice is instrumental in accomplishing this task. Research has allows new information to be gathered pertaining to different health care issues. Nurses are able to implement new evidence-based research into there practice. This provides patients with the safest and most effective methods of
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