Summary: Unauthorization Of Immigrants

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America is based off of immigrants. many traveled in rigid accommodations, from situations that may be too gruesome or tear jerking to even be told. They left the land they worked hard to find peace in, and then lost the hope to keep the journey going. Throughout the tough years of American history, immigrants that traveled into the States became known, and poured into the mainstream due to the harsh backlash. According to CNN the 2013 Legal Immigration Statistics say 990,553 people were granted lawful permanent residence, and The Department of Homeland Security estimates that there are 11.4 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States in 2015. Many have significant opinions on the 11.4 million unauthorized people living in the United States, some may be positive, but the negative opinions rise to the surface. What should be done with the immigrants, should they be granted legal residence? Granted humane necessity? They should be given the “American life,” because why did they come into the United States? To be bullied by other immigrant families or people from immigrant descent? They came for the same reason you’re living in the United States, for Freedom. They left the violence, the religion persecution, and the dying economy. Same as…show more content…
Would you go to different country if you knew you would be able to provide for your family’s or yourself? And risk to be terminated for it, as it is in some cases? Unauthorized immigrants should be able to live the life they hoped to live and not live in survival mode. they should be treated as human beings and not scum that came from the dirt. They didn’t come for outer space, they may know a different language but they share the same blood as we do. they want the same things chances we do, why should we kick them like they’re some type of animal. (Even though you should never hit animals.) We should treat people how we would like to be treated and love the way we should be loved. Hatred will never be

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