Summary: Unhappy Meals

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I try to think of myself as a person that puts an emphasis on health and maintaining a good physical condition overall. I drag myself to the gym daily and try to eat as healthy as possible. The eating part being the hardest thing to accomplish. I have spent a fair amount of time reading on what to eat and not to eat. I have noticed that for every positive review on any supplement or food item there is a negative review as well, and sometimes I discover a power food item that everyone is drinking or using. Like the article, Unhappy Meals, by Michael Pollan mentioned the food we eat reflects our culture and what society has accepted as “healthy.” This article has open my eyes to observations I had never considered and circumstances I was not…show more content…
How we are led to believe there is a control on the nutrition provided by purchasing higher priced items because they claim to have better nutrients. Pollan references, how scientist isolate a single nutrient and can observe it and duplicate it, but studies showed that outside of the food source it might not be digested and absorbed the same. He goes on by given the example of antioxidants on fresh produced. The observation was that while the compound was in the produce it could prevent cancer, but when if it was “removed from the source” it could cause cancer. This was an extremely scary observation. I usually supplement my diet with vitamins and other supplements. I feed my kids vitamins and other “required” nutrients recommended by the doctor, so reading about how after removing nutrients their natural source can cause a negative effect or no effect at all really cause me to believe everything I was taught to believe is not at all true. I am going to be left with a doubt about every article and recommendation I receive regarding nutrition. In conclusion, this article has showed me there is so much more behind a healthy diet. Eating power foods that supplement your nutrient intake might not always be the best way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I am convinced that the best food to consume is the one made at home from raw non-processed food items. Like Pollan said at the begging of his article, “Eat food. Not too much.
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