Summary: What Happened In The Concentration Camps

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What Happened in the Concentration Camps
During the holocaust they had concentration camps. Read this paper to learn about the concentration camps. The things that happened in the concentration camps were inhuman such as gassing people, forcing labor, and putting them in with fleas and lice. On of the things they did in the concentration camps were gassing the Jews as a way to kill them. They would be in a wash room washing off (men than women then children). While they were still naked the Nazis would move them in to then next room. The “next room was a building with no windows” (HTTP://WWW.EYEWITNESSTOHISTORY.COM/MAIDANEK.HTM). It was completely dark in there. In every building 200-250 people would fit in it. Within “2-10 minutes every one was dead in the buildings” (HTTP://WWW.EYEWITNESSTOHISTORY.COM/MAIDANEK.HTM).
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The stuff they did was horrible. After the Nazis would kill the people they would take the fat (if any) from the body. That is what they made the Jews make their soap out of. The work that they had the Jews do was “back-breaking and very dangerous” ( They “work to the bone literally” ( They had them build stone quarries and coal mines. The worst of all the Nazis put the Jews in with fleas and lice. The living conditions got so bad that they would get infested with the lice and fleas. The girls wouldn’t clean up because it protected them from the guys. They slept in straw and it collected the lice and fleas even more than anything else.
This evidence shows that what happened in the concentration camps were inhuman. It makes me cringe by just learning about the camps. The Jews were usually so skinny you could see all of their ribs, their hips, and their arm and leg
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