Summary: What Happened To The Lost Colony Of Roanoke Colony

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What happened to the Lost Colony? There are many different theories and opinions on what really happened to the lost colony of Roanoke. Some are backed up by facts and science and others are total hoaxes. My opinion based on the documents, is that the colonists ran out of supplies, tried to leave the area for Croatoan, and sunk at sea because they couldn't build sufficient boats. After researching the documents I have compiled several pieces of evidence. I read data set 3 and found interesting evidence, it says “English settlers first came to Roanoke Island in 1585. Their colony failed, however. They fought with American Indians and they didn’t bring enough supplies.” This supports my theory that the colonists ran out of supplies. Due to lack of farming experience and could not feed themselves and needed to try better soil on an island, I believe that the colonists had no choice but to leave for Croatoan island. According to the video in data set 7, There was no evidence of warfare or struggle. This disproves the theory that the settlement was attacked. They did fight with the natives, but if that was the reason that the settlement disappeared there would be some kind of evidence. This leads me to believe that the colonists packed up everything they had and left for croatoan. The mark on the tree is also very…show more content…
The findings were just published in the current issue of Science journal.” This shows that they had a really hard time growing food and other crops and needed to leave the mainland for an island for better luck to be able to grow and maintain
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